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The starter kit contains everything you need to start and maintain your poultry keeping.

With the practical egg tray, you can store and transport your eggs safely. The tray holds up to 12 eggs and protects them from breaking or dirt.

The “Comfort” laying nest (indoor) offers your chickens a cozy and protected place to lay eggs. The laying nest is made of sturdy plastic and has a removable flap for easy cleaning.

The ECO-Recycling plastic drinker with legs 5 l ensures that your poultry always has fresh water available. The drinker is made of recycled plastic and has four legs that lift it off the ground and protect it from contamination.

The 2.5-liter plastic feed scoop helps you feed your poultry easily and hygienically. The scoop has an ergonomic handle and a large opening for easy filling.

The ECO Recycled Plastic Feeder with Legs 4KG allows you to continuously supply your poultry with feed. The feeder is also made of recycled plastic and has four legs as well as a lid with handle. It holds up to 4 kg of feed and distributes it evenly to the feeding openings.

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